By KatieMae

Birthday Balloons For Grandpa

Children’s Book

Determined to see his Grandpa, Andrew tries to find a way to visit him. Only one problem, he must figure out a way to make a trip to Heaven. It isn’t long before Andrew discovers a way to get there, and we are taken on a journey we could never have imagined. In this story of hope and loss, love and adventure, this imaginative adventure leaves us engrossed at every turn.



KatieMae is the endearing nickname given to Kathi Denn when she was a child.  She is a retired Navy wife, a mom of 4, and a grandma to 7 and recently celebrated 38 years of marriage to the love of her life. From an early age, KatieMae has loved reading, but the desire to write surfaced when she was in fourth grade and had a short story published in the school paper.  It was then she felt a dream awaken.   Over the years, she has continued to write poetry, short stories and words of encouragement to friends and strangers, but most of her writings stayed hidden in her desk drawer. In 2015, she began to share words of encouragement in the blogging world publicly. KatieMae strives to make a positive impact in someone’s life each day and believes that everyone can turn their dreams into reality if they work hard enough, have a little patience and believe. Birthday Balloons for Grandpa is her first published children’s book, but as she now works through the files in her desk, we can assuredly say it will not be her last.

The Name

KatieMae is the endearing nickname my Dad gave me. It has stuck with me over the years and one that I decided to use for my pen name as a writer.

The Person

I am an encourager and a believer that people can do anything they set their minds to regardless what this world may throw at them.

The Writer

I have written poems, short stories, letters to my children, a children’s book and am currently working on a fiction piece.


I had the privilege of an early read of “Birthday Balloons For Grandpa” and was moved by the simple beauty and truth of seeing death and resurrection through the eyes of a child.  The story took me back to when I was 8 and lost my grandpa.  This book gives hope and understanding to what really happens upon the death of a loved one and even though I am 64, renewed my love for my grandpa and the assurance that I will celebrate with him again.

– Luann Smith –


My 7-year-old daughter recently read this book and found it very entertaining. I had her tell me in detail what she read and didn’t have difficulty understanding what she read.

I could see it sparked her imagination as she saw the journey Andrew went through to see his dear grandpa. The book has a great message for those who have lost someone special in their lives. She now wants to send balloons to send a special message to those who’ve recently passed just as Andrew did.

– AG –


I had the privilege of seeing this book from its beginning and blossom into a great children’s book. “Birthday Balloons for Grandpa” is a simple and fun book to read, not only for children, but adults alike. It is a wonderful and enlightening story of a young boy who misses his grandpa so much that he finds a way to visit him in Heaven. Any child who has lost a loved one will surely benefit from this book. If you have a child, grandchild or great grandchild, I highly recommend this as a gift to them.

– Barb Sprinkle –

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