I have been told that I see the world through rose-colored glasses, and there are days I agree with that statement.

Perhaps one of the reasons is I am a child of the 1975-76 desegregation efforts. I was bussed 30 -45 minutes out of my school district into a different school district try to end racial segregation. I remember wondering why there was such a big uproar about desegregation and why the adults started rallies and protests attempting to prevent children from making new friends. We kids didn’t have a problem with one another.

Perhaps one of the reasons is, for the most part, I just like people. I don’t care what race, religion, age or sexual preference people are. I have never really had a problem accepting people for who they are as long as they are not out to hurt or destroy other people. There have been too many arguments about who has the right to marry legally, live in certain neighborhoods or whose congregation is going to heaven.

Perhaps it’s because I am just naive enough to believe that if we all tried, we could live our lives encouraging and accepting one another for who they are and offering words of support instead of words of hate.

Whatever the reason is, some days it is harder to see the hope and belief that we will one day get past our differences and live in a world the way most of us try to raise our children to live. Raising my four children, I intervened fights and told them it was okay to be different, and they needed to treat each other and their peers with the same respect they wanted. Yes, there will be disagreements and opinions, but that is part of life. It is okay to disagree and have the same view on topics, but it is not okay to hurl words and hate to others just because they disagree.

I had a conversation with one of my grandkids this weekend, and we talked about it being okay to be you. Some people are going to like you, and some people are not. I told her that she won’t like all people either, but people shouldn’t be disrespected just because they don’t have the same opinions and thought process. Her response was ” Maybe the presidential candidates should know that.”

What do you say to that? This election year has to be the worst I have ever seen. The mockery that is being made of this country and the people who proudly fly our flag. How can those who are slinging mud and throwing rocks at one another ever be an example and hope to the kids who are watching or reading about them each week?

I still have hope for our future; I have been witness to the accomplishments when people put aside their differences and realize we aren’t that different. For the most part, we all want the same thing. A safe place to raise our family, a community that supports one another and a world that can get along.

Yes, I see the world through rose-colored glasses, but I will admit, I have had to get a stronger prescription in the last few years.

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