branches of same treeI’m a hopeless romantic and believe there is good in almost everybody. I tend to hold out hope that this world is changing and moving in a better direction, but I have to admit this week, I feel as if we have taken a step backwards.

The hate and animosity that is going on in our country has taken me back to a time when I was a child a didn’t understand why people couldn’t get along. And I find myself just as confused today and wondering why we haven’t been able to get past our differences.

The Presidential debates are spewing hate around the world, and it is trickling down into our communities showing our children that we adults aren’t capable of practicing what we preach. We call each other names, threaten to beat each other up and act like a toddler throwing a tantrum. Spewing words of hate under the guise of it being ‘just a joke’ is unacceptable and wrong.

I believe that people have a right to their beliefs, however, when it comes to using those opinions to hurt, demean or abuse others, then a line has been crossed.

Our purpose in life was never one of being superior or judging one another. It is to positively affect and encourage one another, realizing, in essence, we are all branches of the same tree.

For a tree, each branch has its role, to help build strength and health in the environment it inhabits. A tree’s branches stretch as far and as wide as possible so the leaves of the tree can reach the light.

Much like the branches of a tree, our role is to reach out as far as possible to strengthen and encourage growth in one another. To behave and show respect, even though we may not always agree on everything. If we concentrate on our similarities, we might not be bothered by the differences.

Bob Bennett, Chief Learning Officer and Vice President of Human Resources, for FedEx shares, “Behaviors turn into attitudes, and attitudes become the culture.”

I feel this has never been truer. Look at the behaviors being showcased in the media today and you will see attitudes being affected. It won’t be too long before these attitudes take over our culture and then how will we ever be able to provide hope for a better tomorrow for our children?

While we can’t control how others act or how they treat their fellow man, we can take a stand and show that hate and disrespect are not acceptable any longer. Even when we don’t agree with the opinion of others, it does not give us the right to hate.

It’s time for compassion, for hope and to bring out the best in ourselves and those we encounter each day. It’s time that each of us does our part and choose love over hate, choose character over compromise and stop spending so much time fighting with one another. If we can change our behavior, we will develop better attitudes, and then maybe, just maybe we can create a healthy culture for our children and grandchildren.

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