Making A Commitment

Last year I set out to make changes in my life, changes that would make a healthier, happier me for 2017. Because sometimes we need to remember to put ourselves first to be there for others.

As I sit here evaluating the goals I had for myself, I see some were successful while others were not. If you’re like me, I bet you can find times in your life where it was easier to reach some goals while other goals became a burden and left you feeling like a failure.

But don’t be too hard on yourself when it comes to the failures. There is a reason why sometimes we succeed and why other times we don’t, and it’s not as bad as you may think.

Commitment vs. Interested

Think of the times you have made resolutions or goals based on watching the success of others. It could be as simple as starting an exercise program, switching jobs, learning a new skill or you may even find it when it comes relationships.

“When you’re interested in doing something, you do it when it is convenient. When you’re committed to something you accept no excuses, only results.” ~ Ken Blanchard

How many times have you seen something on television or someone, somewhere having success in an area that interested you? You may have thought to yourself “Hey, that sounds good, I will try it too.” Only to find out not too long into the process it falls by the wayside.

Now think of the times when something came by and spoke to the deeper levels of your heart. Could you feel passion ignite, and a driving force rise inside? I bet those were the times when you were successful in completing the task at hand.

Being Committed

My grandson is committed to football. He has been his entire life. I remember him sitting on his dad’s lap watching the game every weekend. And even though he was barely talking, he was watching, studying and understanding the game. Now that he is a junior in high school and a fantastic player (proud Gma here), his commitment to the sport, the team and himself have reached new heights.

He stopped drinking soda and eating junk. He has committed to a workout regime since middle school and spends most of his time, studying plays and teams. He isn’t just interested in playing football; he is committed to doing what is required to play the game and help his team.

Being Interested

Interest is reactive, like me. When I see the latest and greatest program out there to make a better me. Lose fifteen pounds in five days, get rid of unwanted wrinkles with this special serum, or cook in half the time with this handy- dandy skillet.

Commitment is proactive, like my grandson. He relies on himself to be better, and he knows there are no shortcuts in getting there.

  • Interested people convince you they’re committed by their words. – Those darn infomercials.
  • Committed people reveal their commitment by their actions. – My adorable Grandson.
  • Interested people ask “Is this possible?” (Please say no.)
  • Committed people ask “What must I do to make this happen?” (I dare you to tell me no.)

How to Determine If You’re Committed or Interested.

It’s not hard to determine what side of the fence you’re on.
Evaluate what you have done so far this year or in the last few months.

What goals have you set for yourself and how are they going? Your actions are a gauge to use in how successful you are. Overcoming obstacles you face can tell your level of commitment.

“Actions prove who someone is; Words prove who they want to be” ~ Unknown

Actions speak louder than words. If you’re committed to your goals, there will be no room for excuses to deter you from being successful.

Commitment says:

It’s a done deal.
There is no debate in your head.
This is non-negotiable.
Despite obstacles and not feeling like it, you turn up each day and do the work.

Interested says:

You only try when you remember or ‘feel like it.’
You can find excuses NOT to do it.
The voices in your head tell you ‘Do it tomorrow.’
You debate the decision over and over again with yourself.

As you take on 2017, don’t worry about the goals you didn’t complete last year. There is a time to be interested and a time to be committed.

Celebrate what you have accomplished, and remember, sometimes what we are committed to today, we were merely interested in yesterday.

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