Nurturing and Building

Being a military kid, my family traveled a lot. Every few years we would transfer to a new command, requiring us to spend several nights in hotels.

Each morning as we loaded up the car to tackle the day’s journey, Daddy would tell us to straighten up the hotel room. We placed blankets back on the bed, picked up towels off the bathroom floor, setting cups and glasses on the counter and ensuring we threw our garbage away.

Isn’t this the maid’s job?” I questioned as we wasted as much time cleaning the room as we did packing up the car.

KatieMae, we leave things a little better than we found them.” he replied.

Shrugging my shoulders, I continued doing my chores, in a room that wasn’t even mine.

A room that had an employee who got paid to do what I was doing for free.

It may not have made sense to a child, but years later, I would discover the voice of my Dad speaking through me as I told my own children the same thing anytime we weren’t home.

“Leave things [people] a little better than we find them.”

Things and People

Imagine if we replaced the word ‘things‘ with the word ‘people.’

What if we take this quote and apply it to every area of our day. Work, family, friends, and chance encounters with people in our community.

It’s More Than Giving

I’m not saying we need to accomplish this through money or volunteer work. Those are great ways too, and I’m not saying this as a save the world mentality. Honestly, one person isn’t going to do that, but collectively we can have an amazing effect in making a difference to someone’s world.

By engaging with others and having an open heart, treating them with respect, or offering a simple smile, we can leave them just a little bit better than when we found them.

It requires us to push past our self-interest and ego for the sake of seeing others who may need a moment of appreciation, affirmation, or encouragement.

The people we encounter today are our destiny!

“There is a reason we intersect with people each day. We either need them to change our life, or we are the one that will change theirs.”

Make A Difference

Having stayed in many hotels, I have walked past open doors revealing what waits on the other side for the staff who work there. Trash tossed everywhere, bedding and linens flung around as if a tornado had ripped through the room.

The look on the faces of those left to restore order was less than thrilling as they realized they would need to allot more time in order to get the room ready for the next guests.

I envision as the housekeeping staff entered our room, they were greeted with a refreshing surprise. They would spend minimal time preparing the room, and my dad in his great wisdom knew the importance of valuing a person and their job.

Be A Difference

How will we be remembered in the heads and hearts tomorrow, of those we meet today?

“How you make others feel about themselves, says a lot about you.”

By taking a few extra seconds during the day, we have the opportunity to leave a lasting impression. Every encounter we have is a footprint we leave on humanity, so we must ask ourselves…

“Are we leaving others better than we found them?”

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