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We Are the Authors of Our Own Life

You Are the Author of Your Life Story My love for books started at a very early age. I remember going to the library with my dad and bringing home a stack of books to escape into each week. The words on those pages introduced me to a life outside of my four walls and...

How to Bake a Book

Writing and Baking, Books and Pies   “Instead of studying Locke,–I go make an apple pie, or study Joy of Cooking, reading it like a rare novel.” -Sylvia Plath I remember the first time I baked a pie from scratch. I was in high school and grabbed my mom's cookbook...

Why Naming Your Inner Critic Is So Important

Naming Your Inner Critic A few weeks ago I flew to Reno for my very first writers retreat. Not only was it out of my time zone, it was out of my comfort zone. I’ve always told my children if you’re comfortable you’re not growing. Walking to my departing flight, I...

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