Making the Most of the Seasons in Life

Spring has sprung in our little corner of the country.

The lilacs are blooming and fill the air with their beautiful fragrance.

The frogs have announced their return to our pond with their persistent mating calls.

And the constant sneezing and itching of my eyes remind me that allergy season has once again arrived.

Life Happens In Seasons

“You can’t fight the seasons of life, instead, embrace the season you are in.”

Just like the changing seasons of the earth, we face various seasons in our life. Good seasons. Bad seasons. Seasons of laughter, and Seasons of sorrow.

We may go through a season of grief, conflict, transition or challenge, but in every season there is a reminder that change is coming. A season where hope and joy are waiting to do their job.

We May Feel Tossed Aside, But We Will Survive

Consider the tulip.

A few years ago, I received a tulip plant from a friend. It displayed its beauty on my counter for a few weeks and then sat in a corner discarded and forgotten.

When I finally did remember it, I removed the dried bulbs and put them in a box on the back deck with every intention of planting them in the fall, but that never happened.

Fall and winter came and went and that next spring, as I went out to do some yard work, I noticed the forgotten package tucked under a chair on our deck. As I removed the lid to my surprise I saw the bulbs had roots circling them and two small blooms were bursting out. Without water, soil or any light, this flower had defied all odds and survived.

Growing in the Season, You Are In

We feel fragile at times, and life can be hard.

Circumstances will come that push us down, or seemingly toss us aside, but just as the tulip showed, we have the strength and resilience, to rise again in search of goodness and light.

In each new season we face, we are being prepared for the next one that is quickly approaching. We are learning, growing and discovering new things about ourselves every day.

If we can learn to embrace the season we are in; the beauty, the good, and the chaos and the heartache, and make the most of each season we will be better able to accept the challenges and rest in the fact that this too will pass.

Life happens in seasons.

What season of life are you currently experiencing? How has each season molded and prepared you for the next one?

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