Expectancy In The Life We Live

I recently overheard a conversation between a father and his teenage son. As I sat drinking my coffee, I had to smile knowing that most if not all parents have this kind of talk with their kids.

As the young man sat strangling his straw wrapper until several sections lay twisted on the table, I got the sense the discussion on the drive over was a little more heated than the one in the coffee shop.

“You can’t go through life waiting for things to fall in your lap. You need to decide what you want to do and make it happen.” the father implored.

Deciding What Comes

Can you guess what came next?

If you have ever interacted with a teenager, then you won’t be surprised when I tell you there was the rolling of eyes, an exasperated sigh, and the last piece of the wrapper tossed across the table.

I have had this conversation at least four times in my role as a parent!

Yeah, the setting may have been a little different, but the conversation and reaction were the same.

Welcome to the age-old journey most parents take when raising their kids. We strive to teach our children to be respectful, hard working, problem solvers and responsible. We want to give them the tools needed to learn the skills in order to succeed, but even the best tool in the shed won’t work if no one picks it up.

I remember asking each of my kids the question during their teenage years,What do you expect from life?

Most of my kids responded with “I don’t know.”  But one of them voiced:

“I expect to breathe.”

What does life expect from you?

I thought the reply was brilliant because this opened the door for a follow-up question. One that would challenge and remind them that by focusing their attention more on the lives around them, they would end up finding their calling.

“What does life expect from you?”

Can you imagine the smile that came across my face when the response was just a blank stare?  Not only had I not dropped the subject, but I had opened the door for a deeper dialogue and a new and profound way of thinking.

The truth is, life doesn’t owe us anything. We come into the world each with our own gifts and a purpose.  It is then up to us to find out what steps we need to take in order to give ourselves to the world.

Creating The Life We Expect

We can create the life we expect if we are up for the challenge.

It will take work, dedication, stubbornness, passion and a whole lot of opportunities at trying and failing. But with every failed attempt, we are one step closer to success.

Keep trying, keep seeking, and keep living this life.

Remember, life waits in expectation to share the beautiful gift of you.

So, let me ask you: “What does life expect from you?

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