Reminiscing Over 50 Years…

I have been traveling today.

Traveling back in time and reminiscing over the last 50 plus years of my life.

Family photos have a way of bringing back sweet memories of years gone by.

Glancing over the various decades of my life, while there have been regrets, there is nothing, absolutely nothing I would change.

To change one small detail would possibly risk changing who I am today.

My life has not been perfect.

I have places, which if you look deep enough, you will find damage from hurts that took me years to overcome. Honestly, there are days I find I am still healing.

I have scars that show I have been hurt by strangers and loved ones.

I have calluses from throwing the first punch and being the one to cause the pain.

I have a softness that comes from being loved unconditionally, and I have a heart that is learning to pay that kind of love forward, to a world that is needing the same.

I have happy, goofy, fun loving days, and I have days that are dark, lonely and sad.

I have learned during this journey that nothing is impossible and that surrounding yourself with people who make you laugh and you can laugh with is probably one of the most important parts.

Life can be cold, hard and so overwhelming, and while we are allowed to have those feelings, if we live in those feelings we can become negative, bitter people.

Years Of Memories

I loved my 20’s. I was on my own and could live my life any way I wanted.
Buthere I learned life was not about me… it was about those God had entrusted to me.

My 30’s were a pivotal moment for me. I learned who I really was and began not to trust who the world said I should be.
I learned I was a strong woman, holding a family together while my husband defended our country and was gone more often than he was home.

My 40’s snuck in quickly, but it is where I learned how to apply who I really was at my core.

I became strong enough to stand up and use the voice I was given. It is probably my most defining decade and one that prepared me for the new chapter of my life.

And now that I am halfway through my 50’s, I feel as if I have been reborn.

No longer am I accepting the things I can not change, I am changing the things I can not accept.

By using my voice, my words, my experiences in life, I finally feel balanced and in a place where I can offer help and hope to those who have yet to travel this path.

I am still a work in progress, and I continue to seek guidance from those who have gone before me. After all, you’re never too old to learn.

And so, I tuck my photographs away back in their box for another day.

A day where I once again look back on this chapter and reflect on the differences made on this road I am traveling.

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