It is not easy for one to trust so completely another
With something as fragile as the heart.

Through time and circumstance
Through storm and calm,
The heart is tossed about
bruised, broken, cracked, shattered.

But there comes a time when one must trust
Must believe that there is a safe harbor
A place the heart can rest and beat
In the shelter of another.

Through the many storms of life I’ve faced,
I have been in search of one such as you.

One who can bring healing to my broken heart,
Strength to my wounded soul,
Peace to my restless spirit
Light to my darkened life.

I give to you this heart on a string,
A symbol of the joining of two souls
I, the heart, you the cord
United together with the knot of eternity.

The heart beats for two of us
The cord gives shelter and support
The knot provides protection
so one is not with out the other.

We will always be a part of each other
As symbolized with this
Heart On A String.
K.Denn 1998

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