The One Piece

Over the years our family has spent many hours sitting around the table working on Jigsaw Puzzles. Even now with the kids grown and gone, you may walk in and see a work in progress gracing our dining room table.

A few years ago my son came home for a visit and ‘helped’ us with a 1000 piece puzzle project we were just beginning. The puzzle wouldn’t get finished during his stay, but he would contribute to making a significant dent in our creation.

We worked on that puzzle for weeks, and on the day we placed our last piece from the box, we stood back admiring our work. Gazing over the finished project our smiles quickly turned to confused looks. As we took a closer look, we realized we were missing a piece.


We began looking on the floor, under the box, and in the chairs surrounding the table. We looked at our three dogs wondering if one of them had found and perhaps eaten the elusive piece. The search for the missing piece went on for days as the puzzle sat on the table waiting to be completed.

“Life is like a jigsaw puzzle that is one piece away from completion. We’re always looking for the missing piece to make our lives complete.”

Life is like putting a jigsaw puzzle together. It is made up of many parts and goes through many stages as we put the pieces in place. Each piece like each of us is unique and needed in order to create the big picture.

1st– We look at the big picture and vision for our life. Just as we refer to the picture on the box, we need to evaluate who we are, where we are going and what steps we need to take to get there.

2nd– Believe in our ability as we sort through the various pieces. Building a framework of our lives gives us a foundation and brings structure to our goals, dreams, and purposes.

3rd– Take it piece by piece, not losing focus, no matter how hard it may be pursuing our dreams. Some people, like pieces of the puzzle, will fit nicely; others will seem to fit, but in reality, we quickly find they don’t belong where we try to place them, and we set them aside until we are able to find where they fit.

Forcing a piece to fit before it’s time will only leave gaps and could damage the end result.

4th– Be patient but persistent. Puzzles don’t typically get assembled overnight. It takes time and effort to create the finished piece. And in the event, you find you are missing a piece, don’t give up. Take a step back and reassess the picture.

The Missing Piece

My husband and I did finally finish that puzzle. One afternoon, a few weeks later and for whatever reason, I looked up at the ceiling in our dining room and noticed something stuck on the light fixture.

Our son, a kid who loves to play jokes on us, had decided to take a puzzle piece and tape it to the light.

The moments of frustration from looking for that missing piece quickly turned to chuckling as I remembered the years of laughter he has brought to our lives.

Life truly is a puzzle, and sometimes we may go a long time feeling as though many pieces are missing.

Don’t lose heart and don’t give up because it is not easy to piece together the many shapes, sizes, and the array of experiences in our lives.

Remember we are all part of a puzzle in someone’s life. We may never know where we fit, but someone’s life may never be complete without us in it.

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