Balancing The World Around You

Last week I woke up to the world spinning out of control. I had no balance and anywhere I looked brought feelings of nausea and lack of control. No, this had nothing to do with the upcoming elections.

I had vertigo.

I have never experienced vertigo before, and while I hope never to experience it again, I have learned valuable lessons during the week while being confined to my couch or bed.

1 – The Importance of Balance

Everything we do relies on our ability to balance and maneuver through our day. Without balance walking, driving, or just sitting can cause the world to become skewed and dangerous.

Not only is balance necessary to us physically but there is also an emotional balance just as important. When our emotional balance is off, we tend to stress, overthink and worry. We become impatient, and the slightest irritations can be overwhelming.

“Life is all about balance. You don’t always need to be getting stuff done. Sometimes it’s perfectly okay, and absolutely necessary, to shut down, kick back, and do nothing.” ~ Lori Deschene

2 – Regaining Balance

While I spent most of my week laying on the couch, all I could think of was the things I needed to get done. Each day my house became more of a mess. My dogs smelled awful due to the fact they were missing their much-needed bath, the dishes piled up in the sink, and laundry just didn’t get done. But as each day passed I realized that my ‘to-do’ list would be there when I felt better. I needed time to rest and allow my physical body as much energy as possible to heal.

There are times we need to apply this to our emotional well being too. Let’s face it, we are busy people and pulled in many directions all at one time. There is always someone, or something, needing our time and attention. It is important to remember to make time to recharge and nurture ourselves. We tend to put ourselves last when it comes to our physical and mental health, but to remain healthy in body and mind, we must remember we matter too.

3 – Priorities & Limits

Last week I had a list of priorities to accomplish, but I was limited to what my physical body would allow. Much like exercise for me, I had to modify what I could do until I was strong enough to take on the bigger tasks and I had to remind myself it was okay that not everything on my list of priorities was accomplished.

One of the best modifications I did to regain emotional balance in my life was when I left a job after being there for fourteen years. I loved what I did, I loved my customers, but the truth is, the work environment changed over the years and began to add levels of stress and self-doubt. After trying for three years to find a way to make it work, one day I realized the only resolution I had left was to leave.

Knowing your limits is one thing, sometimes the most difficult part is to apply those limits. One of the best ways we can gain emotional balance is by removing situations and individuals that are toxic and bring negativity to our life. Investing our time with people who nurture us and with whom we enjoy being with can help provide a healthy balance in an unbalanced world.

“Life is a balance between rest and movement.” ~ Osho


Today starts a new week, one where I no longer battle vertigo and the limits it placed on me. I have realized life is a balancing act. Somedays our body cooperates and allows you to work at a rabbit’s pace to get things done. Other days our bodies move at a slower pace, and that’s okay. It’s in the slow times we should ask ourselves what we need to adjust, remove or continue to keep both our physical and emotional balance. The answer may not always be clear, but when we realize our life has fallen out of balance, it may be a sign to sit and rest.

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