I have heard this said a lot lately. Heck, I know that I have said it myself. But when I stop and think about it, life is life. There are no guarantees; there are no favoritisms, there is only life.

Now, what you do with it or make of it, well, that in the end is up to you.

Life requires hard work and determination to achieve success. I spent years raising my children that if you want something bad enough, you can obtain it. The path to get there may not always be easy, but it won’t always be difficult.

My oldest daughter loved having name brand clothes when she was a teenager. But on my husband’s military pay, we couldn’t afford to buy the shoes and jeans she wanted and honestly, even if we could, I doubt I would have spent that kind of money when Walmart had shoes and jeans for a fraction of the cost. So my daughter came up with a plan to get the clothes she wanted. At fourteen, she asked if she could get a job after school so she could contribute to her clothing fund and get Nike’s she had to have. She would take the money I had set aside for her clothing fund, and add her hard earned dollars to the account and then purchase what she really wanted. Pretty smart for a fourteen-year-old huh? My daughter had to work hard, and it wasn’t always easy for her, but she made a decision to take life for what it was then.

Sometimes a situation or circumstance comes our way that frustrates us or causes us to feel life isn’t fair. But it is important to remember that when that feeling comes over us, we have the power to evaluate the situation and not let it control us. Look anywhere on the internet or the television and you will find stories of people who are going through some tough times. They’ve lost jobs, homes, family members, their health and more, but a lot of them will tell you they are thankful for what they currently have. Shouldn’t we who have jobs, homes, and good health be just as grateful?

Next time you face a situation that you feel is unfair, take a minute to pause and reflect on what you do have because if you are like me, the positive parts of our day far outweigh the negative.

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