The Heart of A Mother

Summer is coming to an end, and I know many women who will be facing the emotional transition of sending their child to college and returning to an empty nest.

The term empty nest seems harsh as I envision a mama bird pushing her baby out of the nest into the world. A world filled with uncertainty and new opportunities for your baby, many that you have worked hard to protect.

I can remember the day my husband and I took our youngest to the airport as he made his way to boot camp. As I watched him hug his siblings good-bye all I wanted to do was grab his not so little hand, drag him into the car and rush him back to the safety of our home.

It almost took my husband using the jaws-of-life to separate us, as I clung to him and whispered in his ear that he could still change his mind and he didn’t have to go. Deep down, I knew that wasn’t the truth. The papers were signed, he had been sworn in, and now he no longer belonged to me.

With one last goodbye to his family, my son, my baby, turned and walked towards his gate. As he glanced back one last time, a sob escaped from my heart.

When They Grow Up

Suddenly, I didn’t see the young boy I’d spent 18 years raising; instead, I saw a man staring back at me. A man who had been raised to follow his dreams, serve those around him and take on this world to try to make a difference.

And as I stood there with my proud heart breaking, I realized that once I got home, the world I had known for the last three decades would be nothing but memories.

Mama – Your role is to work yourself out of a job.

From the day you find out you’re pregnant, something happens to your heart. The organ that many of us take for granted begins to express itself at another level as if it is now in charge of running things. The emotions the heart feels like love and compassion cause the heart to produce a different rhythm and it then sends information to the brain instead of vice versa.


  • You and your heart will spend 18 years putting your bundle of joy first.
  • You learned the art of balance and mastered great feats, all done one-handed, as you wrapped your arm around the pudgy toddler sitting on your hip.
  • You were the healing balm that provided nights of comfort when they were sick or scared and even helped them through their first heartbreak.
  • You were their biggest fan, as you spent hours sitting through extreme heat and bitter cold at games, competitions, and concerts.
  • You were the taxi driver, referee, chef, janitor, bodyguard, seamstress, event coordinator, storyteller, and a hundred other things.


And whether you realized it or not, from the moment you held your baby, your heart began preparing you for the day your role in life would change.

Because deep down, each one of us knows these beautiful creatures were never ours to keep.

The Ultimate Challenge of Motherhood

“A mother’s job is to teach her children not to need her anymore. The hardest part of that job is accepting success.” ~ Unknown

We all have our own philosophies, tools, and methods of parenting, but for most of us, we have the same goal and purpose.

To raise and release loving, caring, and empowered people who will be one step closer to being the change for tomorrow.

Once they step through the door of adulthood, while you’re still a mom, your role changes. No longer are you a manager for your child, you are now a consultant.

You will be the one they call when they need the familiar feeling of home. You will help them plan the course of their future in college, the military and even when they fall in love for real.

But there will be days when you feel lonely, and a little lost on what to do in this empty nest arena. You will find yourself reaching for that extra plate as you bring dinner to the table and spend a lot of time standing in the doorway of their now clean and organized room.

Always A Mother

It’s important to remember not to focus on what you are losing. Instead, focus on what society is gaining. The world will be better off because of the gift and talents your sweet child will share with others.

Growing up not only gives your child the opportunity to fly beyond the nest in which we have made to protect them, but it shows us that we have done our job in preparing them to soar on their own.

Mama, you’ve sacrificed much these past 18 years. You have stayed the course and done what is necessary. all without a second thought in ensuring your baby is one of the best versions of themselves. And the crazy part of this whole relationship is that without your child, you probably wouldn’t be the best version of yourself.

As summer comes to an end, I will be thinking of you as you begin the next season of motherhood. Not every day will be easy, but I am confident you will make it, just as I did ten years ago.

While your nest may be empty, your heart will be forever full.

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