As I gaze into the water
I watch the ripples slowly leave,
And all that is left behind
Is a reflection of me.

Is this what others see,
Or is this the real me,
I look deeper and find
The answer doesn’t come easily.

My life has been chaos of late
There seems to be no up or down,
Just a constant turning and spinning,
I feel as if I am losing ground.

I reach out and turn to you,
To find help in pursuing who I may be,
I am finding it overwhelming
So many sights unseen.

You have become my anchor,
My calm in this turbulent storm
A place to rest my head
And wings to carry me home.

I find rest in your presence
I receive strength from your touch
You bring to my soul a renewal
And the courage I’ve needed so much

As I look into your loving eyes,
I am able to view the world as you
I gaze back into the water and find
My reflection is now revealing two.


K.Denn 1999

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