This week is Thanksgiving, and I have many reasons to be grateful.

I could share how God has kept our family safe, or how He kept our family together in the midst of dark times or a slew of other things I am thankful for on a daily basis.

But for some reason, what I share today, has been on my heart for weeks now. And one thing I have learned during this year of writing, the only way to still my heart, is to get the words out.

I hope you find some form of encouragement or reason to be thankful as the holiday season begins.


As I sat at my grandson’s football game this past weekend, I watched as he brought down a 6’5″, 250-pound wide receiver, several times during the game. Not an easy task when you are 5’11” and outweighed by your opponent by 60 pounds.

I beamed with pride each time his name bellowed over the sound system as he tackled this giant on the field.

My eyes also welled up with tears of thankfulness, as I realized his life could have turned out so differently had it not been for two fundamental choices.

The First Choice

Seventeen years ago my daughter and I sat on her bed watching two little lines emerge on a pregnancy test, confirming what we both already knew.

I remember we both had tears in our eyes as we looked at the results in her hand and then to one another.

Her tears were because she was scared, my tears were because she was scared.

Taking her in my arms, I told her everything would be fine, and no matter what happened we could get through anything as a family.

My daughter faced the typical pressure most teenage girls receive when they get pregnant. Some people told her to give the baby up for adoption, some advised her to abort the baby, and some even told her she ruined her life by getting pregnant.

But she stood firm, all while knowing the path she was about to embark on wasn’t going to be easy.

To this day I can still hear her words echo in my head as she responded to someone when they asked her “Do you really want to put your life on hold by having a baby right now?”

“Two wrongs don’t make a right. I don’t believe in abortion, and I won’t give my baby up.”

I have thought about those words a lot over the years.

My daughter could have made any decision she wanted to since she was 17; I had no say in any decision regarding her and her unborn child.

I am so thankful that scared little girl cared more about her child’s future than the fear of the giant she was facing.

The Second Choice

Almost two years after our grandson was born, I watched as my husband walked my daughter down the aisle into the arms of a man who made the second fundamental choice in my grandson’s story.

My son-in-law had given up his life on the east coast to build a new life with our daughter and her son. He was not the biological father, but he is the only one our grandson has ever called “Dad.”

After they exchanged rings, our son-in-law pulled out a second ring from his pocket. He had just committed to God, our daughter, and family, but he wanted to ensure that one other person in the room knew he was committing his life to him as well.

And on that December evening, standing before the same room of witnesses, our 21-month-old grandson received a ring as a sign of our son-in-law’s commitment to our grandson.

A year after their wedding our family sat across from a judge as our son-in-law signed papers officially adopting our grandson.

As the ink dried on the paper, and the judge congratulated our family, I stood thanking God for bringing this man into our family.

He willingly took on the task of filling the giant void in the little boy’s heart that had been waiting his whole life for a Dad.

Tackling Giants

All of us at one time or another, have faced giants in our lives.

Physical giants like my grandson, met this past weekend on the football field, or insurmountable problems and issues ranging from health, relationships, finances, fear, and loneliness but in the midst of our battles, we have two choices.

We can focus on the size of the giant and say “He’s too big, there is nothing I can do.” or we can say “He’s so big, I can’t miss.

When facing giants in our lives, we tend to run from them or ignore them. But by meeting our giants head on, we can bring them down before they get in the end zone.

No giant, no matter how large it seems, deserves to have control over our lives. We were all created with a purpose, and our lives have profound meaning.

The world we live in needs what each of us holds. Every stage of life gives us a chance to learn, to grow and to make a positive impact on others.

Remember, don’t allow fear to convince you that you can’t conquer it, instead, take the giant on as an easy target you can’t miss tackling.

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