Writing Poetry

I have been going through journals I have kept over the years and ran across several poems I wrote.

I have been journaling nearly my whole life and find it to be a way for me to express events and transitions I have experienced.

This poem is one I wrote a few weeks after we found out our teenage daughter was pregnant. During this time we knew others who were experiencing the same situation, and they were less than supportive of their children.

I wrote this poem as a testament to my daughter. To let her know that no matter what life had in store for us, as a family we would get through it better, stronger and together.

Today, my daughter is doing an excellent job as a mother to not only our first grandchild but to the four other grandchildren, that have blessed our family.

The Foundation

As I gaze down upon your sleeping face,
I hear the softness of your breathing.

Peaceful slumber has over taken you,
And I am taken back
To a time years ago
When I stood in the same place
Gazing upon the same sweet face.

You have brought me such joy,
a gift given to me from the heavens.

I have tried my best to protect
From being damaged or broken
misplaced or even tossed aside.

But sometimes, this world sneaks in
And when you least expect it
You find a crack in the structure.

The storms of life have left their mark
on your Soul.

But worry not, my sleeping child,
Mommy is here.

Structures get worn, marred, and damaged,
But our Foundation is strong.
It can weather any storm tossed upon it.

The Foundation is our love bound together.
And one day, in the not too distant future
You will pass this on
To your own child
Who finds peaceful slumber
In your arms.

K.Denn 7/1999
For her daughter, Anya

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