Lessons From Mom

This week has been a week full of emotion. On Thursday my Mom was taken to the emergency room with breathing problems and we found out she has pneumonia.

Sitting by her hospital bed the past few days, we have had many opportunities to laugh, cry and share a lifetime of memories that we have built together.

But it has been in the quiet moments when she drifts off to sleep, and I sit there watching her breath in and out that I am reminded the woman I am today is because of her. The lessons my mom taught me were not usually shared through words, but shared by her example.

Mom Taught Me About…

1- Faith
I don’t remember Mom ever preaching to me as a kid, but there was never any doubt who God is or how He loved me. In the good times we thanked Him, in the difficult times, we ran to Him and in between those times, we felt Him. There was never a day we didn’t talk to God. Mom showed me what unwavering faith looked like from a very early age.

2- Strength
Mom is probably the strongest woman I know. She survived a career as a military wife taking on the role of both mother and father when Dad was deployed, and she took care of my dad when he got sick and later died at an early age. She showed me tears are not a sign of weakness, but a sign of being alive. And while tears will come whenever you least expect it, tears are a precursor to laughter, and both are needed to make it through this life. Mom showed me strength comes when we allow ourselves to be vulnerable.

3- Commitment
My parents were married for 38 years before my dad passed away at the age of 58. There were good times, and there were difficult times. My Dad was an alcoholic for most of their marriage and spent the last 15 months of his life sober. Mom loved him with her whole heart, but there were times she didn’t always like him. She could have left him, but because she chose to love my Dad and stand by him, she became the support and the safe place to fall when he hit rock bottom. Mom showed me how to believe in someone even when they don’t believe in themselves.

4- Life
We have two opportunities in this life; we can go life, or we can GROW through life. If we choose to go through life, then we miss opportunities to become better versions of ourselves. Sometimes life throws curveballs, and it may knock us off our feet, but if we lay there complaining and blaming others for our past, we can never move forward. We can, however, take what comes our way and use it to grow. Pain and suffering are inevitable, but misery is optional. We have the choice to be miserable or happy. Mom showed me there is something to be thankful for every day, and it is my responsibility to change my perspective during difficult circumstances.

5 – One Day At A Time
Abe Lincoln said, “The best thing about the future is it comes one day at a time.” We can’t change the past, and we can’t control the future so trying to do either of these will take away from who were are today. Mom showed me that this moment is what we have right now and to minimize it by worry is not appreciating the gift of today.

My Mom is a remarkable woman who has instilled in me my core values. And as we wait for the doctors to release her from the hospital today, I sit here grateful and blessed that God has given us more time to cry, laugh and continue to build memories.

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