Downtime In Your Routine May Be Required.

On my way out to run errands this morning, I realized my dogs, had been out meandering in our backyard longer than normal.

As I put my keys on the counter, I headed outside calling Rocky & Max to come in.

It’s not unusual for them to take their time coming in, especially when they know I will leave them locked in the confines of their puppy mansion.

I realized years ago, this is not my house, I’m just the hired help.

Dachshunds are one of the most lovable, loyal, and stubborn dogs I have ever owned and this morning their stubbornness was at an all time high.

Obstinacy At It’s Finest

As I called them once again, I heard Max barking in the distance and then Rocky joined in the chorus.

Great! I thought to myself, they’ve dug a hole and have taken a field trip into my neighbor’s backyard.

Walking to the back fence, I looked for their escape route, when Max began barking once again.

The bark wasn’t coming from the yard behind us.

It was coming from under our shed.

Upon further investigation, I found they had both burrowed under the shed chasing after a stray animal that had tried to use it to escape my dog’s obsessive hunting tendencies.

It took a few minutes to convince them to come out, and Rocky was the first to exit.

Max, well, he is a bit challenged and couldn’t figure out how to find his way back to the opening he had helped dig.

After a frantic phone call to my husband telling him he needed to come home and get his dog out, Max maneuvered his chubby body out from his new found playground.

An Interruption

Needless to say, they have both been in time-out and locked inside until my husband (the alpha) comes home to secure the area they have destroyed.

As the sweet, clean faces of my puppies stare at me from under my desk, I realize that there are times it may be in our own best interest to put ourselves in time-out once in a while.

Life is busy, chaotic and at times turbulent. For most of us, we go through our day giving out without realizing we need to take time for ourselves.

“We seem to have a complex about busyness in our culture. Most of us do have time in our days that we could devote to simple relaxation, but we convince ourselves that we don’t.” ~Thomas Moore

Benefits of Putting Yourself In Time Out

1- It allows you to reboot your brain giving you a chance to clear your mind, focus and think clearer.

2- It can improve concentration and increase productivity by removing the many distractions and interruptions we face each day.

3- It gives us the opportunity to re-discover ourselves and find the voice we may have buried or lost along the way.

4- It provides time for us to think deeper. Daily responsibilities and commitments have a way of preventing us from being creative.

5- It can strengthen the quality of our relationships with others by giving us a better understanding of who we are and help us improve our current relationships while weeding out the ones that drain us.

Taking A Break

I know I have needed a time out, which may be why my writing has been hit and miss for the past several weeks.

By carving out a little solitude this past week, I have found it beneficial in regrouping, de-stressing and re-centering my life.

And it appears to have helped Rocky & Max as well. They aren’t quite as distracted in whatever was under our shed earlier today.

When was the last time you took time for yourself?

If it’s been awhile, I encourage you to take a personal time-out.

You may be surprised how much better you feel.

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