Lefty Over Here, Are you?

Today is National Left-Handers Day, and since I am left-handed, it only seemed fitting to post a blog about living in a right-handed world.

According to research we lefties make up about 10 percent of the population and the trait tends to be more common in males, which I suppose makes me uniquely unique.

Here are a few fun facts about the southpaws of the world and how they apply to me.

1- We have a higher risk of psychosis – While I am no Jack the Ripper or the Boston Strangler, I have been called crazy a few times in my life.

2- We are more visual learners –If you explain how something works to me, you are talking over my head. Show me how something works and I can usually understand. Crayons and a sketch pad are basic needs for my learning abilities.

3- We are more affected by fear – Snakes, Zombies and that the recurring dream of me leaving the house in only my underwear isn’t just a dream.

4- We make better artist – Well, I can’t even draw my breath, but I can write!

5- We tend to get angrier easier – ANGRY? WHO SAYS I’M ANGRY?

6- We like booze- Fireball anyone?

7- We have our own day –There is no right-hander’s day, and the internet is pissed! Go ahead and Google this. It’s amazing to me the things that get people so riled up.

8- We are more independent – Being a Navy wife for 20 years I learned to do things myself. MacGyvering washers so they would spin, finding my way around new communities and raising four children while my husband defended our country are just a few things to mention.

9- We are better at hearing- My kids have always told me I have overly sensitive ears. But this has come in handy over the years as my husband is deaf in his left ear and has 30% hearing loss in his right ear. So I basically hear for two.

10- We are better at multi-tasking – While writing this blog, I am doing dishes, mowing the lawn, and balancing my checkbook.

11- We have better memories – My husband does confirm this. He says I remember everything he has said or done during over our 36-year marriage.

12- We have an increased risk of dyslexia and mood disorders – dooM sredrosid? yM dnabsuh thgim eerga no siht eno.

How left handed are you?

According to an online test I took, I am 80% left handed.

I must attribute this to growing up in a right handed world. I have learned to adapt to my surroundings, and while I am predominately left handed, I have had to learn to use my right-hand for particular tasks.

In school, there were no left handed scissors, so I learned to cut paper with right-handed ones. To this day I can not use left handed scissors, In fact, I still have a pair with paper stuck in between the blades from the last time I tried.

Using your Left Hand

Writing with ink pens or pencils is always a chore. As left-handers write, we tend to move our hand over the freshly written words, causing smears on our paper and stains on our hand.

Can openers, student desks with the fold up writing table, spiral notebooks, eating dinner next to a right-handed person and learning to tie shoes by parents who are right-handed are a few things that can be challenging in a lefties world.

And while it is interesting to read various opinions and research on being right or left handed it really comes down to what we do with our hands.

In the end, the only thing that does matter is using our hands to encourage, help and bless others.

So look for opportunities around you and see how you can positively affect those you meet this week.

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