Listening To Your Intuition

The pounding from the bar got everyone’s attention. Someone was clearly upset at the airport restaurant where I sat grabbing a quick bite before making my connecting flight home.

Glancing around the room, I noticed a man a few feet away from me. His head was down as he talked to someone on the other end of his cell phone. Taking his glasses off, he wiped away the tears rolling down his face, and our eyes met.

His eyes darted back to the floor as shame settled in for not being the strong and composed man he thought he should be. A paradigm shift had just occurred, and now he had a choice to make.

And so did I.

As I turned back to the book, I was reading and took another sip of my beer I heard a voice inside me whisper,

“I have a message for you to deliver.”

Pushing those words aside, I did my best to mind my own business and finish my meal. I don’t like to intrude in the lives of others, and I do my best to respect the personal space of everyone. But what happens when you’re asked to step outside yourself and pierce the bubble of someone else?

I have been in this place before, and deep down, knew how this would play out.

Like a constant tapping on my shoulder, the voice once again whispered,

“I have a message for you to deliver.”

Reaching for my napkin, I ripped it in half and pulled out a pen from my purse.

“Fine,” I muttered under my breath.

I watched as my hand scrawled the words across the napkin and then folded it up for delivery.

Gathering my bags, I stood up to head to my gate and saw my waiter.

Would you do me a favor?“, I asked him. “Would you hand this to the gentleman at the end of the bar for me?

He took my note, smiling and said: “I would be happy to do that for you.” He too had witnessed the man’s distress, and I got the feeling, he understood that my note was one to offer encouragement to someone who is hurting.

I walked towards my gate, never looking back at the gentleman at the bar or my waiter. I had done my part, and the voice inside me was once again silent.

Intuition is a spiritual faculty and does not explain, but simply points the way.” ~Frances Scovel Shinn

Following Our Intuition –

Intuition is a guiding force we all have. It’s a combination of emotion, logic, and spirit.

Intuition plays a major role in our lives and alerts us to circumstances and opportunities to encourage and give insight to ourselves and others.

Sometimes it’s referred to as a gut feeling, inner sense, instinct, or spiritual guide. It is not loud and demanding, but a gentle prodding, pulsating within asking us to follow its lead.

When we hear it, we have a choice to make. We can either act on it or push it aside.

Trusting our intuition is risky and causes us to step outside the boundaries we have placed in our lives. By stepping outside those walls, we open ourselves up to a world of possibilities for ourselves and others.

Albert Einstein once said intuition is our most valuable asset, and one of our most unused senses. He described it as “a feeling for the order lying behind the appearance of something.

As I stood at the gate of my departing flight, I saw the man from the bar, walking towards me.

Once again our eyes met, but this time he didn’t look away; instead, he walked over.

Unfolding the note he held in his hand, he asked, “This is from you?

Glancing down at the napkin, I read the words “God has your daughter in the palm of His hand. I will pray for you and your family.” Nodding my head, he continued,

I don’t believe in God.

As my gaze moved from the note to his eyes, I replied:

That’s okay. He believes in you. And maybe more importantly to you, He believes in your daughter.

Slipping the note back in his pocket, he picked up his bag and continued to his gate. As I watched him walk away, I wondered what impact my note would have on him. The response he gave was not what I had expected, and it left me wondering if I had made a mistake and caused him frustration instead of encouraging hope.

Gut Instincts

As I took my seat on my flight home, I realized, I am only in charge of responding to my gut instincts. I am not in charge of the reaction to the message I deliver.

I have thought about that man a lot since my return home and have continued to pray for him and his family. I will probably never know the outcome of what happened to his daughter, and the truth is, I don’t need to know.

One thing I am sure of though is the importance of listening to intuition. The gentle prodding has never led me down the path of “I wish I would have.” It is the moments I tossed it aside that I end up kicking myself for not following through.

I believe we are placed in one another’s life at the exact moment when we are needed. Sometimes, it will be a fleeting moment, a chance encounter in an airport or a restaurant. Other times it will open doors to lifelong relationships. It is in those first defining moments, we have a choice to make.

Do we step out and take a risk or will we turn away missing an opportunity to touch someone else’s life?

What about you?  Can you recall a time when your gut had you step outside your comfort zone and encourage someone? Share your experience in the comments below.

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