You Are the Author of Your Life Story

My love for books started at a very early age. I remember going to the library with my dad and bringing home a stack of books to escape into each week.

The words on those pages introduced me to a life outside of my four walls and sent me on adventures around the world. I became a silent character in the stories I read, following the players around as I helped them solve mysteries, travel to other countries and learn that above all else, kindness matters.

I discovered crying isn’t weak, laughing is the best medicine and that authentic love is a powerful force.

Today, I continue to get lost in the written word and have unlocked the creative side of myself, which not only loves to read but also write.

And as I sit here today, I can’t help but compare each of our lives as stories we are writing and illustrating to the world around us.

A Blank Page

Each morning, we wake up to a blank page, one that we alone are the author of and our words, thoughts, actions and choices are the pens that write our story.

It’s important that we share our experiences with other people. Your story will heal you, and your story will heal somebody else. When you tell your story, you free yourself and give other people permission to acknowledge their own story.” ~ Iyanla Vanzant

Some of our chapters will hold great sadness; stories of abuse, abandonment, loss and unanswered questions. The key is not to allow them to put our story on a shelf gathering dust.

You can’t start the next chapter of your life if you keep re-reading the last one.” ~ Unknown

Some will reveal mistakes and bad decisions. We can’t go back and erase what has already been written, but we can use these life lessons to improve ourselves.

When something goes wrong, instead of getting stuck in the pages of our past causing us to close the book, we can use the past to revise and edit our story.

Life is like a book that never ends. Chapters close, but not the book itself.” ~ Marianne Williamson

And then there are the chapters that explode with excitement and incredible adventures prodding us to continue writing and developing our character.

These are the pages we never want to end. The happily ever after chapters. They give us hope for a life lived to its fullest. They encourage the reader by telling them ‘this too can happen for you.’

What Will Your Page Say?

Each of us has the ability to write a story that encourages and inspires others.

The coworker who goes the extra mile and brings coffee for the team. The driver who gets out of their car and helps a homeless person with a smile and a little bit of change. And those who have walked through heartache, tragedy, and triumph.

These are a few of the stories each of us write every day.

Your life is your story. Write well. Edit often.” ~ Susan Statham

While not everyone will publish an actual book, we can come to the place where we understand as authors of our lives, our actions, reactions, and words are penned and illustrated each day for everyone to read.

We must then ask ourselves, is our story worth reading?

How will you write your story this week? The blank page is waiting for you to write it.

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