I had planned on posting a different blog, however, there is a burning inside of me to share something else today.

I have been following Rory Feek for the past few months and the journey he and his wife Joey, have had to take in coming to terms with her fight with cancer.

Yesterday Joey passed away leaving her husband and their 2-year-old daughter. Their struggle was courageous and strong. Their passion for life, family, God and one another is inspiring. And Rory’s last blog before he heads home to Tennesse touched a cord inside of me that I can not ignore.

As I have spent many weeks reading Rory’s blog, I have come away each time realizing that passion is in all of us. It’s what we do with that passion during the brief moment we are here, that matters in the end.

One of Joey’s passions was her family. Even in her weakest days, she took care of her family. You can see her making dinner from her hospital bed for her family in one of the blogs. In another blog you see her making sure, her family knows they are all loved and that she is at peace with whatever the outcome is of this terrible disease. The Feeks live a life of passion.

Passion gives purpose, and like it or not we all have a purpose. Some people find that purpose pretty quickly. Others may struggle to answer the questions of “Why am I here?” or “What is my purpose?”

I can tell you one thing; your passion will rarely have anything to do with what YOU can get. If we all took a moment to think about our passion, we would probably discover that passion has something to do with what YOU can give.

I know many people who are bitter, arrogant and self-centered. And I will be honest, they can frustrate me on most days. But there are days that I can step back and look at the bigger picture and when I do that, most times I can see they haven’t discovered their purpose yet. Oh, they think they have, but in reality, I know they are just living life without any real direction. They are taking on the day’s task to get a job done. I have been there, and there are days I am there still.

But today I am reminded of my passion for people. My heart to love and accept people for who they are. They may not be who I want them to be, or I may wish they would have a more understanding heart, but it is not my job to fix them to my standards. It is their choice, their walk, their life. My choice is to be the best I can be and not let them cause me to compromise.

I mentioned in a previous blog that this has been a rough year for me. Part of the reason it has been so rough is because I have let the negativity spoken by someone cause me to question who I am. A simple statement of being a ‘marginal’ person has hung over me and caused me to doubt my purpose. I have carried that statement like a mantle. I have let it cause me hurt and let it affect my attitude. Maybe that is why I am drawn to Rory’s blog these past few months. In all his blogs, I have never read where the Feeks allowed the ugliness of cancer to control their day or their life. They made adjustments as they needed to get through the next day, but I can’t find a blog where they once allowed the cancer to cause doubt in who they are or what their mission is.

Today I challenge myself once again. What is my passion? Knowing this will bring back to the forefront what my purpose is. Living life with the passion placed in me, will not only make my days better but allow me to remember it is not what I can get, but what I can give. I need to keep in mind that regardless of what is thrown my way or spoken over me, I know who I am, and what I have been called to accomplish in this life.

And so, I challenge you as well. What is your purpose? If you are struggling with that question, ask yourself, what are you passionate about? Don’t answer this right away. Do some soul searching and jot down things that bring you lasting happiness. Not the temporary things like money or success, but what causes you joy. I have a feeling that if you are honest with your answers, you will find that real joy comes from what you can give and not what you can get.

And if you find you need a little more inspiration, read This Life I Live by Rory Feek. You will see that these two not only found their purpose but have lived it to the fullest amount of their ability.

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