Life, Traffic Signs, Oh My

I was recently asked an interesting question.

“What traffic sign best reflects your life right now?”

A collage of pictures went speeding through my mind.

Stop, Yield, One Way, Curves Ahead, Caution to name a few.
But one sign resonated with me at this moment in my life.

NO U-Turn

A U-turn is a turn made while driving when you want to go in the opposite direction. In life, a U-turn can symbolize a return to what is behind you, and most of the time it refers to something in the past.

I have made some important decisions in my life this year. One of the biggest decisions has been quitting my job of 14 years and pursuing this crazy dream of writing.

“U-Turns can be dangerous. They can distract us from what lies ahead and prevent us from moving forward.”

I will admit, there have been days since leaving the corporate world where I have thought to myself, “What the heck have I done?” and there have been times where I seriously considered quitting to find a ‘real’ job.

But those are times when I am insecure and question who I am and where I am going. It’s on those days I have to literally look in the mirror and give myself a pep talk.

Reminding Myself

I have to remind myself not to look back and not look too far down the road.
I need to take one day, one mile and one step at a time.

Today is what matters most, and while I can plan for the future, I can’t take my eyes off the path I am taking today.

I will come upon detours and winding curves. There will need to be adjustments made to continue the journey, but one thing I know for sure, I will make no U-turns on this adventure. The “what if’s,” and “shoulda,” “woulda,” “coulda” need to remain in my rear view mirror for me to move forward.

I can’t go back now. If I did, then I would never know what waits in order for me on the other side of the hill.

Now, let me ask you.

What traffic sign best reflects your life right now?

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