We All Have A Story To Share!

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but what is a story worth?

We all have stories.

From the time we are born until the moment we breathe our last breath, we are the main character in the chapters of our lives. With each conversation or thought, we tell ourselves and others our story.

These stories uncover our roots, exposing our struggles and failures along with our successes and accomplishments.

Some chapters a dark, holding deep secrets that no one knows.

Some chapters will inspire others as individual experiences bring hope and healing revealing great comebacks after terrible setbacks.

And there will be chapters we feel are mundane and not worth sharing, but those are the ones that help build a bridge from one heart to another bringing us a connection as we listen and share.

With each chapter we live, we invite others into our story.

“We all have a story. Do you use the story to empower yourself or do you use it to remain a victim?”

What’s In A Story

I know two women who have similar stories. They both were adopted, never knowing their biological parents. They both had families where terrible, horrific things happened to them by family members, and they both carry stories from their childhood.

One of these women took the pages from her story that held her bound in fear and decided to edit the outcome. While she couldn’t change the circumstances of what actually happened, she realized the only thing that could free her from the past was her present thoughts about it.

So she went line by line of her story and gave it a new meaning and purpose.

Instead of becoming a victim of the past, and living a life filled with anger she chose to revise the ending. Where the chapter had initially stopped, she amended it by focusing on positive ways she could help others who have a similar story.

Sadly, the second woman did the opposite. She lives her story as written, causing her to be stuck in the pages of her past leaving her bitter and blaming others for why she has had such a lousy life.

“When we focus on what is wrong in our life, the problem becomes our main story.” ~KatieMae

We may not be able to completely change past pages in our story or turn those pages into happy endings, but we can revise, and edit our story to find the opportunities in challenges, and hope in heartaches.

When the Story Ends

The morning of Dec 26, 1997, my mom, brother and I had to remind my dad he was dying. The doctors had determined there was nothing left to do, and his body was beginning to shut down. His reaction was not one of bitterness or sadness. He refused to let the darkness of death become the focus of the final chapter of his life.

The six words he spoke as he looked at each of us around his bed, are etched in my heart to this day.

“Well, it’s been a good one.”

His main story was not death; it was the life he lived surrounded by the people he loved. And for the next several hours we would share the memories from his favorite chapters as his story came to an end.

We all have loved ones whose earthly story has ended, but their message lives on in each one of us, reminding us that until our story is complete, there is a fresh page waiting to fill.

Why Share Your Story?

We all walk many different paths in life but don’t discount the value of your story, because it is worth telling.

Each of us has faced something that has impacted the way we live life and our experiences, are part of our unique story. By sharing our stories, we become part of one another offering hope to those who have experienced or will experience a similar situation, as well as and receiving strength in being vulnerable when opening ourselves up.

It is one of the major reasons I wrote “Birthday Balloons for Grandpa.” I wanted to help kids who have experienced loss a way to not only remember their loved one who is no longer with them but let them know that one day we will all be reunited.

Each day we are presented with a new page in our life.

What chapter of your story will you share with others this week?

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