If you have read any of my previous blogs, then you know I have a mantra that I refer to many times. “If you’re comfortable, you aren’t growing.” I have told this to my children on numerous occasions through their life, and now that they are adults, they have reminded me that this applies to me as well.

I must admit, I have been pretty comfortable over the years, for the most part. My life is great, I have a good job, beautiful family and a core of people who encourage, support and bless me on a daily basis. But there has always been this underlying need to write. I have written for as long as I can remember and never really had the courage to put myself out there to share my words with others.

Today, as I sit here typing this, I realize that I have never been this uncomfortable. I have created a blog, spent countless hours researching and reading, and have begun putting the finishing touches on a book I am writing. Once those edits are complete, I will send it off to a focus group to get their feedback and make adjustments for the next phase.

The comfortable side of me says “this is a pipe dream, you should stick to reading, not writing.” It is safe being comfortable. But being comfortable doesn’t cause change and it doesn’t cause growth in our lives. Honestly, for the most part, being in a constant state of comfort is boring.

The uncomfortable side of me says “to fly you need to leap.” Peter McWilliams said Be willing to be uncomfortable. Be comfortable being uncomfortable. It may get tough, but it’s a small price to pay for living a dream.” At some point, the dreamer needs to wake up and start living their dream, especially if it is one you have dreamt since childhood.

So this uncomfortable journey continues as Twitter and Facebook pages are created for KatieMae. And I must admit, today; I feel the excitement, the fear and the pure joy of knowing I am moving in a direction I have only dreamed.

And now, let me ask you, what is your dream? What has been burning inside of you for as long as your can remember? Are you comfortable or are you ready to take Mr. McWilliams advice and become comfortable being uncomfortable? Let me know; I’d love to encourage you in your journey.

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