You’ll Never Know Unless You Try

I hear this phrase several times a week with the ladies I work with and on the days I may not hear, I see it lived out.

This past year, I have watched one of my co-workers take on permanent physical custody of her children, becoming a first-time homeowner and succeed in managing our department. To say she is an inspiration would be a gross understatement.

She lives the mantra of “You never know unless you try” and has given me much to reflect on in the year and a half I have had the honor of getting to know her.

Because of her example, I too have adopted principles and courage to step out and take on a career I have only dreamed of following. In a few short weeks, I will leave the comfort and security of a job I have enjoyed doing for the past fourteen years and step out into a new field. One that scares me excites me and challenges me. It will be a paradigm shift in what I currently do on a daily basis, but I feel it is the right time to make this change.

Trying and Re-Trying

I have written my whole life – short stories, blogs, journals, and books. Now is the time to take my passion to the next level and work on publishing my writings. I know there will be a lot of learning, trial and error, but I have never really shied away from a challenge. In fact, I am one of those weird souls that get bored if I am not working towards a goal.

But, I don’t make this decision without counsel from those most important in my life. My husband and I have had lengthy discussions on the pros and cons of stepping out into this new adventure. There are financial responsibilities; there are retirement options to consider, and there is doing what makes you happy.

I have spoken to my children about the decision and gathered their thoughts and perspectives on this change. Friends become valued sounding boards for the “What if” and “Am I crazy” thoughts that flood my mind.

In the end, the discussions all conclude with the same response, and while it may be expressed in different ways, it all boils down to “You’ll never know unless you try.”

Benefits of Trying

And so it is with excitement, fear, and peace that I have decided to move forward with my dream of writing on a full-time basis. I will be leaving the corporate world and begin the next chapter of my life in the writing field.

My mind and heart race with “What if it doesn’t work out?” and “Why would I leave the security of a steady job and career that I have worked hard to achieve and been successful with?” But, the voices asking “What if I don’t try?” and “To continue growing, I need to take on new challenges and new adventures” And the last voice prodding “You ain’t getting any younger; do it now” give me the courage and strength to make this decision. And so my last day in the corporate world will be June 24, 2016.

If in the end it is all for naught, that’s okay because the bottom line is we only regret the chances we didn’t take

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